For many years and, in most cases starting in K-1, students have used MS Powerpoint to create static, user-driven linear presentations to demonstrate what they are learning.  While this is an excellent tool to demonstrate learning and present information, we as teachers need to be aware that it is only ONE way to do so and not the ONLY way!  For many of our students it's just not the way they think!  Say hello to Glogster - Glogster is a new way of looking at how to present data - students create collaborative "posters" that contain videos, graphics, text, links, stickers, etc. and they LOVE doing it.....instead of linear step-by-step presenting, this allows for truly interactive multi-media all in a one-stop-shop.  A student's mind can branch out instead of having to travel one path!



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What IS Glogster?





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It's easy; just set-up an account and play!  Teachers do not have to be experts on everything they have their students do - and this is a great example.  Glogster is so intuitive that they'll sit down and take off with little instruction needed.  Below are some great tutorials:




How to Create & Share Glogs - From



Managing Student and Classes (Premium Account)  



Teaching with Glogster - Strategy Guide




How to create a Glog in just 4 minutes!




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GLOGPEDIA - 1,000s of Glogs searchable by discipline.




Social Studies 









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